Building strong brands

Based in our extensive expertise in the areas of communication, marketing and branding, we aim to give your company a clear identity and a strong position on the market. Together with your teams, we dig into your business - i.e. your vision, your values, your people, your communication and how your brand is perceived. We clarify where you are today, internally and externally, and with this as a starting point, we support you to reach your goals and desired position on the market. Importantly, our working processes also develop your people and teams.
Our know-how and methods are based in long time experience from IKEA, the home furnishing retailer.

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Together with our clients, we do work we are proud of.

New brand platform workshops

We inspire and share tools to use when implementing new brand platforms in organisations (values, positioning statements, tone of voice and more).
‍‍Examples; A series of digital workshops with the Swedish employers' organisation Almega focusing on understanding and implementing their new brand platform.
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Heritage, values & brand personalty workshops

After introduction to the topic, participants work through real life communication examples and discuss how the brand personality is reflected in each piece. The participants also reflect on how they, in their roles, can secure correct brand personality every day.
‍Example: Hands-on, interactive workshops
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Business planning

Business planning

The most fundamental process for any company is to get their business planning right. We support you in analysing and stating where you are, where you want to be and how you plan to get there. The business plan supports the organization to do the right things at the right time.
Example: Guiding and coaching the new IKEA Chile organization in writing their first ever longterm business plan.
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Tone of voice workshop

This communication workshop clarifies your company's copy and visual identity, and how to work with these to effectively reach people in your organization and on the market.
Example 1; Working with the IKEA marketing team and their six agencies in UK.
Example 2; Exploring the new brand values and how these should be reflected in communication at Almega.
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New market workshop

This workshop gives teams the tools to position their brands correctly from the start. Example; Introduction of the IKEA Brand to management, new employees and agencies when starting up in a new market, Mexico.
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Marketing and Communication program

We develop and offer custom made programs in the areas of marketing and communication.
Example; A one year development program for IKEA teams in Kuwait, Jordan and Morocco.
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What we do

We cover the areas of communication, marketing and company culture & values, and how everything works together to help you build a strong brand, reach your desired position and commercial success.

We develop all projects in close cooperation with you. To make it relevant, we consider maturity and size of your company, where and how you do business and the composition and dynamics of your teams and organisation.

For optimal results, we mix face-to-face and on-line sessions. Projects can span from a one day workshop, to cooperations stretching over long periods of time. A combination of interactive presentations, practical exercises, coaching and engaging energizers make working together efficient and fun!

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This is us

Marketing and communication professionals with extensive experience from working at IKEA in national and global roles. We are marketers with a deep curiosity of people, their needs and behaviour, and how all of this impacts business.  

We are experts in developing and carrying out trainings and workshops that are relevant, hands-on and engaging. We share and use well tested processes and methods, making sure that what you learn can be used in your daily work. Besides trainings, we coach individuals and teams, and we support companies in marketing and communication related tasks i.e. competence development, business development and planning, finding and on-boarding new agencies.

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