Almega new brand platform workshops

A series of digital workshops with the Swedish employers' organisation Almega, focusing on understanding and implementing their new Brand platform (a steering document describing what an organisation is today and what it should be going forward; clarifying history, vision, business idea, direction, values, personality and more).

The first workshop was with the the management team. The aim was to dig into the brand platform, to inspire the leaders and clarify their important role in making the brand platform come alive in the organisation.

The workshop with the leaders was followed up by two digital workshops with appointed "brand ambassadors". Also here we worked on creating a common understanding of the brand platform and what it really means. In these sessions, more emphasis and time was spent on activation and implementation. The ambassadors were given support and tools to be able to carry out their role as "culture carriers".

A separate digital workshop was held with Almegas' communicators, with focus on values, brand identity and tone of voice (see more under Example, Tone of voice).

Program details