Custom made programs

What we do
Custom made programs are set up together with you, based on your needs. Content from all our knowledge areas is combined to develop your teams over time, giving the participants a real possibility to learn and grow.

Below you find details of the set up of the Marketing and communication program we put together with IKEA in Kuwait, Jordan and Morocco. This program had the goal to align the three country teams and to develop their competence. Focus was on marketing and communication topics and the creation of their own Communication plan for next year. The participants represented many different functions, both management and co-workers. During twelve months we met regularly for three day face to face meetings, combined with monthly sessions online. Besides a lot of learning, this long term set up proved to be a great team building exercise for all participants.

Details of the set up

Target group:

Marketing, Communication, Sales and Logistic teams from three IKEA country organisations. Management and co-worker level.

Time needed:

12 months

Groups size:

30 persons

Content areas:

Module 1
Finding common ground, What is IKEA?, Segmentation, Strategic planning - Situation analysis
Module 2
Continue Strategic planning - SWOT, Objectives and goals, Communication challenges
Module 3
Communication plan for the next year, Briefing agencies, Tone of voice workshop.
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