Tone of voice workshop

What we do
In this workshop we create an understanding of what an organisations tone of voice is and how to work it - the copy and visual identity. We start by exploring your organisations culture and values, where they come from and why they are important for communication. Then we dig into how they translate into your tone of voice, internally and externally, working with practical examples from your own and other businesses.
Why is this important?
A clear and consistent tone of voice in external communication will help you break through and reach consumers.
A clear tone of voice internally will help your co-workers understand what your company is all about, and guide them in their daily work. All this will strengthen your  position on the market over time, and improve your business results.


Target group:

Marketing and Communication departments of companies and organisations.
Advertising, Media, PR and other Communication agencies.

Time needed:

1-2  days face to face, and 1-2 follow-up online sessions.

Groups size and price indication:

10-100 persons
Price indication for a group of minimum 30 persons, 2 days workshop: EUR 700/person excl. VAT

Content areas:

Your business - business idea, products and services. position on the market.
Your organisations history, values and culture.
Tone of voice - visual and copy identity- What it is and how it connects to your values and culture - internally and externally
The workshop focuses on hands on practical examples of communication to review, evaluate and discuss.
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