New market support

What we do
We will put together a custom made program for you. Focus areas; your brand and business, your desired position and business goals, your offer linked to the market you are entering and the tone of voice you should have when reaching out to the people on this new market.

We can also support you with your Business planning following a proven methodology. Here we focus on understanding where you are today, where you want to be and how you get there.

Our experience covers IKEA organisations establishing in India, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Chile, Greece and more.
Why is this important?
To give your co-workers and suppliers solid knowledge about your company, your business and an understanding of the market your are entering, securing correct positioning of your brand from the start.
A strategic plan is necessary to secure that everyone works towards common goals, both with a long term and short term perspective.


Target group:

New market support is relevant for everyone in the company. Depending on content and stage in the establishment, different functions can take part.
This support is also important for suppliers and agencies.

Time needed:

Continuously during the establishment on the new market.
Optimal set up and timing to be agreed on with assignor (mix of face to face and online sessions)

Groups size:

10-100 persons

Content examples:

Company vision, business idea, values and company culture
Company positioning
Understanding your new market - consumers and competitors
Marketing mix - your offer to the new market
Customer journey
Tone of voice (visual and copy identity)
Strategic planning
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